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What Clients Are Saying Following NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy

Issue: work-related phobia:
"Our session was incredibly helpful....the crippling fear has definitely subsided. I found my confidence (at work) was much higher. Thank you so much for your help."

Issue: school-related anxiety:
"My son remains remarkably calm throughout his GCSEs. Thank you."

Issue: debilitating emotions:
"I came to you feeling run down, I left feeling 2 feet taller, like all the baggage I'd been carrying around with me had been lifted."

Issue: being depressed:
"Your help was invaluable in coming out of depression."

Issue: phobia and allergy:
"A big thank you. This is transformational; so many areas of my life are transformed."

Issue: personal change & business-related change:
"I have used Virginia's coaching and counselling services on a number of occasions, both personally and professionally. I can highly recommend her - she is an expert in her field and she helps me get quick results. Whatever the 'issue' Virginia will have the tools in her repertoire to help most people achieve the changes/goals they desire."

Issue: Tunnel phobia.
"I take my hat off to your professional expertise. I have been joking that I love tunnels so much, I might live in one".

Issue: Sugar craving.
"My previous sugar issue just isn't there anymore."

Issue: Anxiety and panic.
"I visited Virginia at a time in my life when I was feeling fearful and anxious and unable to move on. I did not have to go back in the past and go through any soul searching or painful digging into events as I have done on previous occasions when seeing a counsellor. Virginia works in a completely different way. The techniques which she used to help me were fun to do and enjoyable and she gave me a technique I can do at home if I need to. A few months after my sessions I realise that the anxiety and panic have simply dissipated and this has allowed me to move on in my life. I only wish I had found out about Virginia years ago. I am incredibly grateful and recommend anyone who needs help to get through a difficult patch, to get in touch with her".

Issue: Extreme anxiety approaching driving test
"I wasn't nervous at all and all my anxiety had gone."

Issue: Sleep problem.
"I was very relaxed last night. I'm not used to being relaxed! There's none of the fraught, on-edge thoughts or feelings. I feel more positive in myself".

Issue: Sleep disturbance.
"I tried the technique you taught me and it worked a treat. Within 15 minutes I was asleep."

Issue: Cake craving and weight gain:
"I can now eat just one piece of cake and no longer feel the need to eat loads more."

Issue: M.E./C.F.S. :
"Now I feel I will definitely get better."

Issue: Fear of forthcoming dental surgery.
"I feel quite happy. It is all levelled out. It's very relaxing, actually. I feel able to just get on with it."

Issue: M.E. and fear of being ill forever.
"Despite having spent time researching and implementing the appropriate diet and supplements I still found myself short of energy and experiencing ongoing body niggles.I came to realise that because I had been ill for so long and despite all my interventions (many of which had been extremely successful) my brain was going to keep coming up with physical aches and pains. Virginia's compassionate and skilful intervention enabled me to understand the reasons I had got to this uncomfortable place and moreover, gave me the psychological tools necessary to work through my blocks. Since working with Virginia, I have gone from strength to strength and am really loving my life. The fear of illness has disappeared because Virginia has given me the confidence to heal myself".

Issue: Sadness.
"I do see things differently now."

Issue: Anxiety and Burn-out.
"It's all so very helpful. I'm so grateful."

Issue: Fear of performing. After 2nd consultation:
"I didn't expect this to work but I was desperate so gave it a try. Virginia not only uncovered why I was afraid but made the whole thing vanish. Now I am still anxious before going on (stage) but it's a more healthy level of anticipation. I wouldn't want to get rid of that anxiety completely as I need it to perform well."

Issue: Writer's block.
"That was so easy!"

Issue: Personality problems at work.
"I saw Virginia in 2015. I found her expertise on NLP and hypnotherapy and her empathy for my condition to be very impressive; she was patient, thorough and clearly extremely passionate about what she does and trying to help people. I would strongly recommend her."

"You are what you think." Buddha

"You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough." Mae West

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